Ligńon Hill

Ligńon Hill. As per checking other blogs, we must wake up early to trek to Ligńon Hill. I set the alarm at 5am. But you cant resist to press the snooze. So we woke up at 630. Ate Breakfast and ready to leave. We rode a tricycle to Ligńon Hill. One ride tricycle always cost us P50-70 . I say maybe its how people there to earn extra on tourist even local like us.

We wanted to take picture at Ligńon Hill mark but hubby said we do it afterwards to get rid of the guy offering us many activities there. Unfortunately, that does not happen since we rode the Habal habal downward. (included on ATV at Mayon Volcano story)

Anyways, we started our trek at 835am. At first its not so steep. But after 10 minutes, started to get tired. Heart beating fast. Good thing we were on a right outfit, rubber shoes, sweat shirt, comfortable jeggings. Its a Thursday and only the two of us, aside from the two couple going down maybe they started at 6am. We made several stops. For picture also to rest and enjoy the view. You can see the airport from the top. The steep of the hill is like a 45 degree angle. Its like stepping on stairs.

But the view at the top is breathtaking. You can view Leazpi at 360.
There are thrilling activities like 320-meter zipline (Php200) and rappelling and so many others.
There was a guy who offered us to ride ATV at the foot of the hill came with a motorcycle and continue his offer. Thats another story..

Lignon Hill

Lignon HIll


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