Cagsawa Ruins

Next Pit Stop is the Cagsawa Ruins. Our Tour guide from Your Brother ATV drop us off to ride a jeepney to Cagsawa. P8 ride each. Wherever you came from, you can always get to your next destination, just Ask. Cagsawa is approximately 8km from Legazpi. If your From Lignon Hill, you can ride a jeepney to Camalig, Guinobatan or Ligao. Ask the driver to drop you off to Cagsawa. People there are friendly.You will see a Jollibee mark there to Cagsawa. Then ride a tricycle going to the site. Tricycle cost 20 pesos only for two.

We wanted to take pictures like the common post people have. One holding a stone like carrying, or leaning on the Cagsawa Ruins. But my hubby is so kill joy. But also i realized, we really not for the picture but to see the place. Also we wanted a souvenir so we can look back when we get old. The lady who took us a picture, i gave her P20 pesos. She refused at first, but i insist. She offered us a photo for the poses but we rejected. I just told her that’s for her to buy something to drink since its 12 in the afternoon.

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins





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  1. lesleycarter · November 29, 2013

    I love the first photo. Such depth. 🙂

    Bucket List Publications

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