ATV Ride at Mayon Volcano

ATV Ride at Mayon Volcano

ATV Mayon Volcano

From Lignon Hill, the guy offered us ATV ride to Mayon Lava for 1500. Hubby really can’t resist sales talk. ATV is not included in our budget. We already discuss that but he said, since we are already there, why not give it a try. We rode the motorcycle of the guy called habal-habal. Two motorcycle for the two of us riding At first i don’t want to ride motorcycle because i am really paranoid and i promised myself not to ride at motorcycle. Also, we can see trucks in front of us. We don’t even have helmet!!. I guess that motorcycle ride is included on our experience.
Then we reach the ATV Your Brother Travel and Tours. There were price list. They said we should try the ATV to Lava, but as per checking that cost 1800 each. What the guy told us is 1500 but he agreed to our price 1500. But that was P1500 EACH. What we wanted is double ride, me at the back of honey, and we thought the price is 1500 for the two of us since its not a peak season. But the price is each and we don’t want to argue anymore.
We wanted to back out. But we were there already, we only tried the 45 minute ride. We don’t want took the 2-3 hour ride just to see the Lava below the Mayon Volcano. It’s also 10 AM and sun is all set. We were not prepared for this we didn’t have something to cover our arms. We already rode ATV before in Boracay for 3 hours, we just wanted to experience it there in Legazpi. So the cost is P1200 for double ride since hubby still think i cant ride on my own ( Nahihiripan ka! he said on my first try. 🙂

As we got near the Mayon, our tour guide stopped. We thought we made something wrong. But he stopped because he wanted to ask for our Cellphone for picture-taking.
Oh this is another stop and picture thing. We like it because he was the one who offer at first to take pictures. Maybe he already know why people are go there just to take pictures. Also asked him that i will ride his ATV for even a moment and let him took a picture of me.

After the tour the tour guy offered us something to drink and a cold towel. Sweet and very thoughtful.

Maybe if i ride on my own on the whole trip without the help of the tour guide, i would say this is a 5star experience. My heart even beat faster the moment i rode the habal habal rather than the ATV. 🙂






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