Dream Wedding

Today is 01.11.12

I wanted to get married on this day. Because its 1.11. But we were not yet ready. My boyfriend and i are planning to get married. Hoepfully this will happen on Dec 1. 2012. I am planning all the details. From the church, reception, motif, anything.

By the way, iam a coordinator of Cherished Moments. So i plan to have my wedding organize. Not so bonnga. But organized. We were checking churches and reception, oh i mean I , thru the intenet first. hihihi.

I all have the details in my mind, the church should be near the reception so there would no worry on the guest.
My bf was supportive. Its a girl dream to have a nice wedding day. I just need him to ride along and agree on all my ideas. All he wantes was a simple and plain and less cost. Thats it. I myself also do not want the expensive wedding.
Today, im checking my favorite sites http://www.hwtm.com .

Check this site future brides. Youll have so many ideas you want to put on your wedding.

For your wedding dress, bridesmaids, and flower girls, all stuff like the headress and the tiara,

Check http://e.davidsbridal.com/

ok. Got to go.

I wish i could have all ideas on my dream wedding..

wedding, hwtm


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