Thank You Don Bosco

When I transferred to Makati last 2009, I always hear this church near our office. St John don Bosco. However I was not able to visit and have a mass there. At first i dont know where it is located and its not on the way. One Friday of January 2012 , I rode a jeepney from MRT Magallanes to Ayala. I drop in front of Don Bosco and it’s only 730 in the morning. So I say to myself, it’s early still so I decided to check the church. I am so happy to realize that there’s a mass and it’s just about to start. The church is so peaceful and quiet and you really feel the ambiance. Then I learned that mass everyday is 6 am, 730, and 6 pm. I just found myself going to mass everyday or a must every Wednesday / Friday.

We always leave our house early to avoid the traffic. I make it a point to attend the 730 am mass. When I’m at the church, I feel I am not alone. I feel God is always guiding me on my everyday work. When I call to him, He made everything easy. Every time I am at Don Bosco, when something is bothering me, The Lord made me forget what I’m worrying. It’s really a different feeling i can’t explain. Every message in the church mass feels like a punch on my face. It made me a stronger person.

Also, One thing i also noticed, after the mass, some people went to the Adoration Chapel. At first I thought, why should they go there, they just ad a mass and now they will pray again? To my curiosity, I checked the place. As I kneel, it made me cry. I cry of forgiveness and ashamed of myself for criticizing them. The adoration chapel made my faith stronger. With the scent of the Sampaguita and the cozy of the place, you really is with God through prayers. Just 5-10 minutes of prayer, It feels like A day with God.

I know I shouldn’t blog about this because it seems I’ve been talking about myself. But believe me, everyone should try it yourself. I am just doing my Faith in action to tell you guys my experience almost everyday. Everyday is indeed a blessing. Go now and experience it yourself.


St John Don Bosco Church


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