No More Bad Me

Today is January 3,2012.

As i go to my usual daily travel on MRT this morning, i noticed different type of girls.  Most of them were like me, wearing a uniform paired with my Havaianas, on their way to the office. I am bit of an observer and a bad girl. I notice one girl wearing a nice Silk Dress, having a shoulder bag (Celine or Nine West) and a nice stiletto shoes. So that made me think shes an Relationship Manager.  But made me think why is she riding the MRT.  Then this petit lady on her casual tops and low wasit slacks that made her cover her feet and shoes. It was awkward i find that cheap. Considering her low waist pants and hair that was unruly. She maybe a promo in a Supermarket. And the last girl i saw was wearing a faded tight low class jeans,maybe BNY,  a light blue blouse bought from a tiangge store and a red nail polish. Her face is pretty but kind a dry with her dyed brown hair and lips that look like a smoker. That made me think shes a CallCenter agent on her way home to sleep. This is me being a bad girl.

But then comes my realization. We should not judge people, by the dress they wore, whether its expensive ,cheap, branded or not.  I myself before was bothered about my looks when it comes to meeting clients/ vendors.  I should be wearing this and that. I buy on a Branded store when its on sale but not all the time. We should be clean and neat i guess  but not the vain type. Be pretty on the inside too, don’t just worry about your physical appearance. Its not about the Price Tag, like Jessie J song.  “Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can’t buy us happiness…..

So from now on, i will be a better person when looking to other person. I pray and i will!


Be who you are


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